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All Natural Meats

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La Cense Beef is perfect for your entire family, including your canine friends. La Cense offers wholesome meats for your dogs of the same great quality as the cuts you'd buy for yourself. Why not treat man's best friend with some of La Cense Beef's gourmet pet food?

Choose all natural meats from La Cense to treat your pet to the very best. Get grass fed, natural burger beef. It can be pan-fried, broiled or grilled for your dog. Beef bones are also available as a wholesome snack. If you want to give your family friend a tasty meal, while still benefiting from high quality nutrients, La Cense is the easy choice.

Get All Natural Meats for Your Dogs

Some may wonder why all natural meats are good for their dogs. Processed meats can lead to problems with the digestive tract and with general health. Additionally, dogs require food that mimics food they could find in the outdoors. For a dog with health concerns, such as a lackluster coat or poor digestion, all natural meat is a perfect solution to jumpstart them back to health.

It can sometimes feel difficult to decide what to feed your dog. La Cense makes it easier with all natural meats straight off the farm. Our herds are safe from contamination because they are not held with other cows. Just as importantly, our herds provide meats with a high level of vitamins and nutrients, perfect for your pet.


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