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Aged Beef

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In today's world of fast food and often compromised culinary standards, aged beef is a precious rarity that only a small number of discerning consumers get to enjoy. The term aged beef itself refers to an expensive and time-consuming process in which superior cuts of beef are carefully stored while they undergo a period of flavor enhancement and tenderization. La Cense Beef is one of the few providers of beef to use this time-honored technique.

When beef is aged, moisture evaporates from it slowly. This increases the flavor concentration in each morsel. At the same time, enzymes within the beef naturally tenderize the meat so that the end product has a delightful mouth feel unlike that of most conventional beef products.

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Since only the best cuts of beef are used to make aged beef, and since the process is cost-prohibitive for most suppliers, aficionados of fine food can usually only savor a chance to taste aged beef at one of a few upscale restaurants that sell it. Fortunately for those who appreciate quality, La Cense Beef is able to provide our online customers with this gourmet product. All La Cense Beef products are aged for 19 full days.

Order now to taste beef as you've never tasted it before. Your purchase will be backed by a flavor guarantee, so there's no reason to wait any longer to sample an exquisite aged steak or roast. Thanks to La Cense Beef's fast shipping policies, within just days you could be inhaling the aroma of the finest beef in the nation as it sizzles lightly on your grill.


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