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Aged Grass Fed Beef

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When you have concerns about your health, that doesn't mean that you need to dispense with red meat. Grass fed beef is an important dietary inclusion that can provide you with a low fat alternative to grain fed beef. At La Cense Beef, providing customers with the best cuts of grass fed beef is their specialty.

Grass fed beef is leaner, tastier, and simply better for you. You will benefit from Omega 3 fatty acids in beef from La Cense--but the benefits don't stop there. La Cense Beef is also lower in Omega 6 fatty acids and even contains 100 fewer calories per serving. When purchasing grass fed beef from La Cense, you will receive beef that is higher in beta-carotene, another aspect that makes this beef heart-healthy. In fact, you will get 200 percent more beta-carotene than traditional lot-fed beef in a six-ounce serving.

Eat Aged Grass Fed Beef from La Cense Beef

What makes La Cense Beef even better is the fact that it is aged. Beef from La Cense undergoes a strict aging process in which the beef is aged for 19 days. This rarely used process adds supreme flavor to your beef. A light texture and a delicious taste await you with aged beef.

La Cense isn't just about aged grass fed beef. We concentrate on the consumer and getting the freshest product to them possible. After a La Cense order has been placed, your grass fed beef will arrive at your doorstep on the arrival date you choose. Contact us immediately to order your first shipment of La Cense grass fed beef and start eating healthier today. Once you taste the difference, you'll be glad you did.


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