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Aged Prime Beef

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There's something about our aged prime beef at La Cense Beef that will capture the attention of your taste buds forever. We have a special process of aging our beef that sets it apart from all the rest. We age our beef for 19 days in a USDA-certified plant to enhance the natural tenderness of the meat and to heighten the flavor.

Our grass fed Prime beef is aged to perfection before it is hand cut and trimmed. Each piece of aged Prime beef is then placed in a vacuum-packed wrapping and quick-frozen to maintain the exquisite taste and texture. You can always depend on our meat to be full of true beef flavor--nothing artificial is added to enhance color or texture.

The Value of Aged Prime Beef

Our cattle are 100 percent grass fed. They're never exposed to pesticides or other feed substances such as grain, grain mixes, or animal by-products. Even though it takes a little longer to get our cattle up to market weight, we never subject our stock to hormone growth therapy. At La Cense Beef, we carefully attend to our stock from birth all the way to harvest.

As owners and consumers, we place a high value on providing nutritious, flavorful, and high quality meat for your dining pleasure. We treat our animals in the most humane way possible to make sure that every slice of aged prime beef is tender, tasty, and delicious. From our ranch to your home, we take pride in every piece of meat that is delivered.


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