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One of the most significant reasons people eat natural beef is for their health. A cow that is fed with grain can have serious health complications that can affect the taste and the quality of the beef dramatically. When cattle--which are intended to eat grass--are fed with corn, they can get sick. In addition to the grain, antibiotics are often administered, along with hormones to encourage healthiness and promote growth.

It's not just the health of the cow that suffers. With grain fed beef, you can see a dramatic difference in both the look and taste of your beef. Inferior-quality beef is dark and dry, while grass fed beef is softer, more vividly colored and mouthwateringly flavorful. Not all grass fed beef is the same, which is why you need to carefully choose its source. By selecting beef from La Cense, you can rest assured that all the shipments you receive are of the highest quality.

Get Natural Beef from La Cense

In contrast to grain fed beef, the La Cense brand of beef provides incredible gourmet beef delivered directly to your doors. Our Black Angus cattle grow to around an age of 18 months, grazing on natural pastures. Clean, fresh and light, La Cense natural beef is a healthy alternative, and you can taste the exceptional quality immediately

Don't settle for poor substitutes with your diet. Your beef should provide true flavor, and quality meat that isn't tough or dark. La Cense offers beef that benefits from a rare 19-day aging process, giving it exceptional flavor, color and texture. Their meats are all vacuum packed and frozen immediately at a USDA plant, sealing in all the freshness.


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