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Antibiotic Free Meats

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The use of antibiotics should be a concern of yours when purchasing meat. Although antibiotics can help ranches raise more animals and keep them healthier, they can also decrease the effectiveness of similar antibiotics used in people. In addition, beef that has been in contact with antibiotics can also have developed resistant bacteria.

People can usually fight food borne illnesses on their own, but anyone with a weakened immune system needs to be careful when eating meats that have been in contact with an antibiotic. The chances of being infected by a simple bacteria found in meat can be dangerous for the elderly, children and anyone with a compromised immune system.

Take Advantage of Delicious Antibiotic Free Meats

Grass fed beef is simply better for you, and you can taste that when you sit down to a plate prepared with La Cense Beef's antibiotic free beef. Our beef comes from herds that are never mixed with other ranches and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. In fact, our beef is raised in an area renowned for clean air, clear pastures and healthy livestock. Give yourself a healthy solution for your diet and your family.

Explore recipes to learn more about how to showcase your antibiotic free meats. You can try delicious recipes from La Cense, which work well with the delicate flavor of our exclusive beef. You won't need to worry about a tough steak or a flavorless cut when you are preparing the highest quality grass fed antibiotic free meats available.


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