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There are several reasons to purchase your beef online. First and foremost, you might not trust your local grocery store's meat supplier, as many of the nation's bigger meat-packing plants do not always follow the most sanitary of guidelines. The threat of food poisoning is very real, and outbreaks have many consumers concerned about the status of the meat that passes through these corporate suppliers.

In addition, most of the meat available in the traditional stores comes from cattle that are fed grain and pumped full of hormones to increase their weight. The long-term effects of hormone consumption have yet to be determined, but many are worried it could adversely affect one's health. In addition, corn or grain fed beef tends to be higher in calories and fat.

Order Quality Beef Online at La Cense

Buy your beef online from La Cense to guarantee the quality of the beef you eat. La Cense Beef’s mission is to provide health conscious consumers and knowledgeable beef lovers with high-quality, nutritious beef. Cattle feed on authentic grasses, like wild hay and bunchgrass, which contribute to the unique flavor of the beef.

Indeed, La Cense Beef is tender and full of flavor, as well as high in beta carotene and Omega 3 fatty acids. Even better, the grass-finished cuts of meat available at La Cense are 100 calories less than traditional grain-fed beef. La Cense Beef can be purchased online and shipped the next day. It is vacuum-packed on the same day of processing, which retains the flavor, then shipped directly to your doorstep. Simply call the toll-free number or submit your order via the company website.


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