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Black Angus Beef

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Black Angus beef is one of the most preferred meats in the kitchen. Known for its consistent marbling that imparts great flavor, Black Angus beef is even more flavorful when it has been grass fed. In fact, there's no comparison to typical supermarket grain fed beef, which can be tough and gray.

La Cense Beef is aged for a total of 19 days, providing maximum tenderness and full flavor. With a variety of cuts to choose from, you'll be sure to find the right cut for your meal. The La Cense website even offers recipe ideas and cooking plans. Prepare steaks simmered in a thick tomato sauce, for example, or memorable ribs drizzled with a fragrant glaze.

More Information on Black Angus Beef

La Cense is a Black Angus beef brand that you can trust. Unlike some other brands, Black Angus beef from La Cense follows strict regulations with regards to our grass fed cattle. Other brands often feed grain to their cattle close to processing in order to produce rapid weight gain. This is never the case at La Cense Beef.

The master ranchers at the La Cense farm select their Black Angus cattle. This select group of cattle is carefully raised to ensure that the Black Angus beef that arrives at your door is the very best. Take your pick from a wide variety of cuts, including succulent Filet Mignon Steaks, juicy Ribeye Steaks and classic New York Strip Steaks.


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