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Black Angus Steaks

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Montana ranches provide some of the best grass fed beef in the world, and you will taste the difference immediately. If you get La Cense Steaks delivered to your door, you can experiment with a myriad of delicious recipes and new preparation methods. Try mixing sauted vegetables, tomatoes and delicious condiments to highlight the robust flavor of your La Cense Beef. You surely won't be disappointed.

The beef experts at La Cense take their products seriously. As such, we make sure to offer our customers only the finest cuts available. From the way we feed and treat our cattle, to the supervised packaging and shipping process, La Cense Beef takes great pride in offering superior customer service and quality, every step of the way.

Know About Black Angus

La Cense Beef offers a wide variety of options, but we are about more than just providing a flavorful product. In addition to the fact that our Black Angus steaks are impressively marbled and deliciously tender, La Cense Ranch ensures that the vitamin content of the beef is retained. Our grass fed beef contains 200 percent of the vitamin content of regular beef. Amazingly, it also contains 100 calories less than regular beef.

An increasing number of people are choosing Black Angus steaks for their entire family. You can even purchase high-quality grass fed Black Angus beef for your dog! To keep everyone healthier, Black Angus steaks are the right choice.


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