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Buying beef online is certainly not the way your grandmother bought beef, but these days, it's one of the ways you can best ensure you get the quality you want. Most supermarkets feature grain fed beef that's been processed extensively to survive a cross-country truck journey. For those who prefer to serve a beef that's fresh, hormone-free and still tender and delicious, there is La Cense.

All La Cense Beef is grass fed providing the greatest degree of tenderness and flavor. In addition to a lower fat and calorie content than grain fed beef, grass fed beef offers a higher Omega 3 content, a lower Omega 6 content, and increased beta carotene. Available to buy online, La Cense Beef is perfect for health-conscious consumers, and is regularly purchased by doctors and nutritionists.

Buy Beef Online with Confidence

La Cense guarantees all beef you buy online, which makes your purchase a risk-free splurge. La Cense aims to provide exceptionally high quality beef to its customers, and if you are in any way dissatisfied, we urge you to contact us. From a trendy Flat Iron Steak to a succulent Filet Mignon, La Cense Beef will taste richer and more sophisticated than anything from a grocer's.

You can buy La Cense Beef without worry. From the exacting standards of processing (dry-aging and hand-carving) to quick shipment, the utmost care has been taken in the presentation of this beef. Once you receive your shipment, browse the recipes on the La Cense website for a unique way to showcase this beef's unique flavor.


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