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Filet Mignon is generally considered to be one of the most tender and flavorful cuts of beef. This is due to the fact that Filet Mignon is taken from a non-weight bearing portion of the animal. Served in fine restaurants around the world, quality Filet Mignon is available for home consumption via the meat selection offered by La Cense Beef.

When cooking Filet Mignon, you should aim for a medium rare steak. To check and see if your Filet Mignon is done, simply touch it. If your finger leaves a mark, then it is too rare, and you should continue cooking it for a little while longer. If your Filet Mignon feels hard or firm, then it has been cooked too long.

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Even though Filet Mignon is a delicious cut of meat, you need to be careful when choosing the brand. Not all Filet Mignon is the same. For example, dark meats usually indicate a lower quality. Marbling is another thing to look for. Typically, with Filet Mignon, the greater the marbling--the greater the flavor.

Buy Filet Mignon from La Cense to get the highest quality beef delivered to your door. When you buy La Cense Beef, you can rest assured that your beef will be coming from herds that have been raised on the tips of tall grass without any grain introduced. La Cense Filet Mignon is soft and buttery and has been aged for 19 days to enhance flavor. If you're a beef lover, buy it today.


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