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Grass fed beef has been getting increasingly popular in recent years. The primary reasons are two-fold. First, grass fed beef is far healthier than grain fed beef. The meat is lower in calories and is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and beta-carotene. The second reason is a far less scientific one. Grass fed beef is rich in flavor.

Thanks to La Cense Beef, discerning customers now have the opportunity to buy high quality cuts of grass fed beef. Located in Montana, La Cense operates one of the oldest cattle ranches in the state. Our cattle are fed a combination of wild hay and perennial bunchgrass, producing a superior beef that is unlike anything currently available on the market.

Buy Grass Fed Prime Rib for Home

One of the best ways to truly taste the difference of La Cense Beef's grass fed beef, is to buy our Prime Rib. Hand cut and trimmed, our Prime Rib is aged for 19 days, giving it a rich flavor. As with all of La Cense Beef's meat, our Prime Rib is lean, yet it retains all of the juiciness you'd expect from this particular cut.

Buy grass fed Prime Rib from La Cense quickly and securely via our website. In addition to the quality of our product, La Cense takes great pride in the quality of our service. Orders are all vacuum-sealed and frozen when processed to maintain the meat's freshness.


First USDA Approved Grass Fed Program
We are proud to announce that we are the first grass fed program to be approved under the new USDA Grass Fed Standard! Source verified, age verified, Non HormoneTreated Cattle (NHTC), Never Ever 3 (NE3) no antibiotics, no animal by-products or growth promotants. And of course, always grass fed.

About La Cense Beef

With strong commitments to sustainable ranching and humane animal treatment, La Cense Beef is the premier direct-to-consumer grass fed beef operation. La Cense provides 100% grass fed beef delivered right to your door that has never been "finished" with the introduction of grains into the cattle's diet. La Cense Beef is dedicated to the principles of sustainable ranching, including free roaming and rotational grazing across the ranch. The cattle enjoy the most natural, unadulterated life possible.
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