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When you order a gourmet grass fed steak from La Cense, you'll receive the highest quality beef possible. Fast delivery times ensure your order arrives ready for the grill or the broiler. All La Cense Beef contains rich flavors made possible by the nutrient-rich Montana grass. Your gourmet steak will be cut by an exceptional butcher, aged, and vacuum packed, and frozen immediately for freshness.

All La Cense Beef comes from Black Angus cattle raised on the La Cense Montana ranch just outside of Dillon, Montana. Since La Cense Beef comes from one ranch and our cattle are not mixed with other herds during harvest time, you can always be certain of the origin.

Choose a Gourmet Steak Delivery for an Exquisite Meal

If you aren't sure how to show off your gourmet steak delivery, La Cense Beef offers a variety of recipes specially designed to showcase superb artisanal beef flavor. Whether you are preparing Filet Mignon, a Flat Iron Steak or a Flank Steak, you'll find recipes with vibrant ingredients such as rosemary, blue cheese and garlic. Aromatic and delicious, these recipes have been time-tested by La Cense Beef employees and customers alike.

Gourmet steak delivery is a luxury that could easily become a habit. With fewer calories than grain fed beef, grass fed steak is an indulgence you don't have to feel guilty about. Keep browsing the La Cense Beef website to read about pricing and delivery options.


First USDA Approved Grass Fed Program
We are proud to announce that we are the first grass fed program to be approved under the new USDA Grass Fed Standard! Source verified, age verified, Non HormoneTreated Cattle (NHTC), Never Ever 3 (NE3) no antibiotics, no animal by-products or growth promotants. And of course, always grass fed.

About La Cense Beef

With strong commitments to sustainable ranching and humane animal treatment, La Cense Beef is the premier direct-to-consumer grass fed beef operation. La Cense provides 100% grass fed beef directly to your door that has never been "finished" with the introduction of grains into our cattle's diet. La Cense Beef is dedicated to the principles of sustainable ranching, including free roaming and rotational grazing across the ranch. Our Black Angus cattle enjoy the most natural, unadulterated life possible. Read more.

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