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Cooking Grass Fed Beef

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Perhaps you've been craving the rich, succulent taste of La Cense's Black Angus grass fed beef. After all, this tender, all-natural beef has a subtle flavor imparted by tall grasses and is hand cut, ensuring perfect Filet Mignons, flavorful Ribeye Steaks, and much more. However, to enhance the flavor and texture of this unmatched beef, you'll want to be careful when cooking it.

First of all, consider the cut of beef you will be cooking. While a New York Strip Steak may need just a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper before it's placed on the grill, a Flank Steak will benefit from a marinade beforehand. To get the most out of your roast, you may want to coat it in garlic and fresh herbs before quickly grilling it on the barbecue.

Tips on Cooking Grass Fed Beef

When you're ready to start cooking your grass fed beef, the first step will be defrosting it. While the ideal way to defrost your beef is overnight in your refrigerator, you can also place the wrapped meat in a bowl of cool water to expedite the process. Check the La Cense website for other cooking tips--for example, grass fed beef should be cooked at a slightly lower temperature than grain fed beef.

You can also find scrumptious recipes on the La Cense website, prepared by Master Chef Peter Hoffman, who is the executive chef (and owner) of New York's iconic Savoy restaurant. Grass fed beef from La Cense is a unique treasure that can provide you with an unmatched dining experience. Cook it properly, and you'll have a meal fit for a king!


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