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Tasty Tips For Preparing Grass Fed Beef

As you know, there's nothing average about La Cense Beef. Like all grass fed meat, La Cense Beef cooks differently from the grain fed beef found in most supermarkets and butchers. This guide will help you get the tastiest results - every time!

We also suggest you watch our Cooking and Recipe Video Series with Chef Adam Perry Lang. Just click on the Cook with Us box to the left. In these videos you will also see magnificent footage of the La Cense ranch in southwest Montana.

Keep It Frozen!

Keep your La Cense Beef frozen until you're ready to use it. Then thaw it completely before cooking. To defrost, we recommend placing each individual vacuum-packed cut on a plate in the refrigerator overnight.

Less (Heat) Is More (Flavor)

Because La Cense Beef is lean, lightly marbled and lower in fat than conventional grain fed beef, its flavor is accentuated by cooking at a slightly lower temperature and for slightly less time.

How Do You Like It?

Use a digital meat thermometer to get the most accurate reading. And keep in mind, to achieve the desired temperature, remove beef from the heat source when it's 5° to 10° shy of your target temperature - the residual heat will finish cooking the meat in about five to ten minutes. Then you can dig in! For optimum flavor and tenderness, we recommend cooking your beef anywhere from rare to medium doneness.

Cooking Guide Thermometer

For Gourmet Grilling

If you choose to grill our beef, here are a few tips to help you reach grilling Nirvana:

  • Keep basting - To add moisture, baste our beef with a tasty marinade throughout the grilling process.
  • No forks- Use tongs to turn your masterpiece; a fork punches holes in the meat and allows the natural juices to escape, causing it to lose some flavor.
  • Keep a lid on it - To ensure that our beef cooks evenly, leave the lid down on the grill. And, if you can, resist checking every 20 seconds.

Start Steaks at Room Temperature

Steaks should be at room temperature before you start cooking. That way they spend less time in the pan or grill getting to temperature. It's a gentler method of cooking and will deliver juicier meat to your plate.

Don't Play with Burgers

Don't press and pat the burgers with a spatula. This squeezes the delicious fat out, but doesn't make them cook any faster. Spatulas are just for flipping!

Cook. Rest. Slice.

Let your beef rest for 5 to 10 minutes before slicing. This allows time for the juices to circulate back into the meat. Slicing before it has properly rested sends the juices dribbling onto the cutting board. And that's not where we really want them!


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