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Foods Rich In Beta Carotene

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For healthy eyes and skin, consumption of foods rich in beta carotene is essential. Beta carotene, which is converted by the body into retinol, can prevent eye disorders, like night blindness and cataracts, and skin problems, like sun damage. It also has also been linked to strong bones and teeth.

In addition, beta carotene can help reduce the risk of cancer as well as cardiovascular disease. When paired with high amounts of CLAs, or conjugated linoleic acids, beta carotene can reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity. It is therefore best to incorporate foods that are rich in beta carotene into your diet.

A Guide to Foods Rich in Beta Carotene

Yellow and orange vegetables are traditionally considered the best sources of foods rich in beta carotene. This includes foods like carrots or sweet potatoes. However, beef that is grass fed can also prove to be rich in beta carotene.

Being grass fed results in high-quality beef that contains twice as much beta carotene as the far more common grain fed beef that you find in most grocery stores and butcher shops. Fortunately, it's easy to order beef from La Cense. Simply submit your order through our website or call our toll-free phone number. If you have any questions about our shipping process or you want to know more about the nutritional quality of their meats, you can find out more by perusing our FAQs or asking one of our company representatives for more information.


First USDA Approved Grass Fed Program
We are proud to announce that we are the first grass fed program to be approved under the new USDA Grass Fed Standard! Source verified, age verified, Non HormoneTreated Cattle (NHTC), Never Ever 3 (NE3) no antibiotics, no animal by-products or growth promotants. And of course, always grass fed.

About La Cense Beef

With strong commitments to sustainable ranching and humane animal treatment, La Cense Beef is the premier direct-to-consumer grass fed beef operation. La Cense provides 100% grass fed beef delivered right to your door that has never been "finished" with the introduction of grains into the cattle's diet. La Cense Beef is dedicated to the principles of sustainable ranching, including free roaming and rotational grazing across the ranch. The cattle enjoy the most natural, unadulterated life possible.
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