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Gourmet Beef

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Gourmet beef is a subject you're likely to hear about from foodies or chefs, but what qualifies as gourmet? It's not simply the cut of beef; the distinction goes much deeper than that, all the way back to the way the cattle are raised, fed and processed. La Cense's gourmet beef is raised without growth hormones or a diet of hard-to-digest grain.

The taste that results from such careful raising is little short of spectacular. Imagine a soft, tender morsel of beef that bursts into flavor inside your mouth, melting gently against your tongue. The rich, savory flavor is what all steak connoisseurs are searching for, and now it's available in every cut of beef from La Cense. Our beef features a light and clean flavor, robust enough to stand up to a rich wine and a distinctive appetizer.

Experiment in the Kitchen with Gourmet Beef

Gourmet beef can be prepared in many mouth-watering ways. Sear it at high heat on a grill with vegetable kabobs and serve with roasted garlic, or take La Cense's artisanal ground beef and create the tastiest, most flavorful burgers you've ever tried. For a real treat, serve them on focaccia or ciabatta bread with a pesto spread and gourmet mustard. Because of the succulent, sophisticated flavor of these steaks, you won't need to camouflage a lack of flavor by drowning it in sauce.

Experiment with some of La Cense's best recipes, which were developed by master chef Peter Hoffman of the Savoy restaurant in New York City. All available through the La Cense website, these recipes are designed to showcase the quality of La Cense Beef. To serve up gourmet beef in just a day or two, place your order today.


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