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Gourmet Ribeye Steaks

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Gourmet Ribeye Steaks are one of the most popular cuts of meat available, taken from the rib roast's smaller end. The rich, sumptuous taste comes from the marbling and the extra fat along the bone. Robust flavor is a key characteristic of this cut, and it takes little more than salt and pepper to bring out its zesty taste.

La Cense offers gourmet Ribeye Steaks from cattle that have been grass fed and grass finished, leading to superior quality and taste. Raised in the clean, fresh country air, cattle have never been treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. So when you prepare a juicy, succulent Ribeye Steak, it's truly all-natural.

Gourmet Ribeye Steaks from La Cense's Black Angus Beef

Gourmet Ribeye Steaks are even better when they are of the Black Angus variety. Black Angus cattle have become the gold standard in terms of beef, thanks to their incredibly marbled, delicious meat. The meat is slightly fattier, which produces a softer and more flavorful steak. Because of the care taken with the cattle's diet and health, La Cense gourmet Ribeye Steaks are in a class of their own.

These gourmet Ribeye Steaks can be ordered online for your next dinner party or special occasion. Once you try the artisanal beef from La Cense, you'll experience what Ribeye was meant to taste like.


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