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Grass Fed Burgers Delivered

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With the rise in popularity of all-natural and organic foods, consumers have changed the way they buy beef. Paying more attention to the way in which cattle are raised, fed and finished results in a superior-tasting product, as well as a healthier diet. Grass fed burgers offer an artisanal, gourmet taste that you simply can't find at the supermarket. La Cense offers a wide range of quality, grass fed beef cuts that can be delivered to your home.

La Cense is a leading provider of grass fed burgers. La Cense burgers are packed in dry ice and delivered straight to your door. You'll taste the difference with the first succulent bite, as grass fed trumps corn-fed beef in virtually every way.

La Cense Grass Fed Burgers Delivered to Your Home

Grass fed burgers are tender, juicy and dry-aged for improved flavor. They are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for developing healthy skin and hair, as well as healthy brain functions. Grass fed burgers are also lower in Omega 6 as well as fat and calories. Many doctors and nutritionists purchase La Cense's grass fed beef themselves, as part of a balanced, healthy diet.

La Cense Beef is the perfect choice for grass fed burgers. This blend of steaks, including sirloin, flank, chuck and round, can result in some of the best old-fashioned American burgers possible. For a more sophisticated take on the classic burger, serve grass fed burgers with a side dish of grilled vegetables in a fragrant green curry sauce. La Cense Beef is delivered quickly to ensure a timely arrival and a savory, full-flavored taste.


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