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Grass Fed Ground Beef

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Ground beef is an important kitchen staple for many families, useful in a wide variety of Italian, Mexican and American recipes. As with any dish that contains beef, the quality of the meat is what gives the dish its flavor. Grass fed ground beef offers a rich, delicious taste that doesn't need to be covered up with spices and sauces. La Cense all-natural grass fed ground beef lends a hearty flavor to any dish, thanks to the pristine Montana ranch where all their cattle are raised.

La Cense grass fed ground beef is relatively light, healthy enough for those who are watching their fat, calories, or cholesterol. It is 85 percent lean, a blend of our sirloin, flank, round and chuck. Only minimal preparation will be needed to grill up juicy, flavorful Steakburgers--just rub in a bit of salt and freshly ground pepper. You can also order pre-formed individual beef patties to save prep time.

Prepare Your Grass Fed Ground Beef

Try your grass fed ground beef in a robust recipe that combines thick, juicy tomatoes and a little spice. La Cense offers recipes that have been created by Peter Hoffman, Head Chef and owner of New York City's Savoy. The beef Meatballs with Spicy Tomato Sauce is a fantastic appetizer or a side dish that can accompany a light pasta entree. La Cense's tender beef mingles with the vibrant flavors of garlic, chili and oregano to create an outstanding combination for your next soiree.

Pairing your beef dish with the right wine is also important. Combine the recipe described above with a great red wine like a cabernet, merlot or shiraz. For a more casual setting such as a barbecue, try grilling grass-fed ground beef burgers and serving them with a crisp, punchy wine like a Riocha. La Cense offers plenty of succulent, delicious recipes and preparation suggestions for flavorful grass fed ground beef dishes.


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