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From the Desk of William Kriegel
Dear Customer,
After 10 years of delivering the finest 100% grass fed beef to your doorstep, we have made the difficult choice to close the La Cense Beef website.   La Cense Montana ranch will continue to operate as a successful, sustainable grass fed ranch, but we are discontinuing our direct to consumer program.
All of us at La Cense Beef are proud to have pioneered the concept of direct ranch to table 100% grass fed beef, and of our advocacy of sourcing your grass fed beef.  La Cense made grass fed beef accessible to consumers nationwide at a time when the concept was new, and sourcing was difficult.  Now, ten years later, grass fed beef is a well-established product widely available in retail stores, often sourced from local markets, and many online merchants. Quite simply, current demand would force us to grow too large to maintain our commitment to our customers and our values.
During these 10 years, our ranch, La Cense Montana, has evolved into a sustainable ranch and one of the leading all-natural 100% forage based ranches in the nation. La Cense Montana will to continue to:

  • Produce quality healthy cattle by feeding only grass from start to finish via all-natural programs without the use of added hormones and antibiotics
  • Respect and care for our animals, and maintain our current certifications including Humane Handling
  • Be stewards to our environment by using methods that efficiently manage our resources, conserve water and yield a positive carbon footprint
  • Educate and learn while we support our local agricultural community.
The website and retail division is closed now. You may email customer service at
The entire La Cense Beef team and Loraine and I sincerely thank you, our valued customer, for your trust, loyalty and support.
Best Regards,

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