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Natural Meat

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Not only is natural meat good for you, but most people also appreciate its incredible flavor. Grass fed meat has a soft, tender texture with a taste that's pure and succulent.

Savor the taste of a thick Rib Eye Steak paired with mushrooms and wine sauce, or a delicious Spanish Style Braised Beef. With the recipes on their website, thoughtfully prepared and tested by beef lovers just like yourself, you can easily prepare a masterpiece. No matter what recipe you try, you will thoroughly appreciate La Cense Beef's incredibly natural meat.

Learn More About Natural Meat

It's not just about the taste of the meat. It's also about the essential vitamins and nutrients that you gain from eating La Cense Beef. Forget flavorless beef and welcome soft tasty steaks packed with Omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acids, or CLAs. These CLAs are known to reduce the risk of cancer, fight immune deficiencies and combat diabetes. Eat La Cense Beef as part of a heart-healthy meal.

In addition to being high in Omega 3 and CLAs, this natural, grass-fed meat from La Cense is low in Omega 6 fatty acids that may contribute to obesity and immune disorders. Lower in calories than corn fed beef, La Cense meat is the only choice for a discerning beef connoisseur. Take advantage of beef with double the levels of beta-carotene and a flavor that's incomparable to other natural meat on today's market.


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