Choose La Cense: The Benefits of Montana Grass Fed Beef

Choose La Cense:
The Benefits of Montana Grass Fed Beef

La Cense Montana is an 88,000-acre ranch in Dillon, Montana that produces, sells and delivers La Cense Beef directly to your door. What’s so great about our 100% grass fed Montana beef?

La Cense provides high quality grass fed beef with exceptional nutritional value that benefits you, the animals and the land. Each health benefit comes from the singular fact that grass fed cattle enjoy continuous access to their natural diet. In contrast, grain fed cattle are fed a diet of hard-to-digest grains and a small but substantial percentage of “by product foodstuffs”, which can include everything from candy to sterilized garbage. This unnatural and unhealthy diet forces beef producers to use a host of antibiotics and nutritional supplements to maintain cattle health. The natural diet provides for happier and healthier cattle, better quality beef and a fully self-sustained ranch environment.

Choosing La Cense Beef allows you to enjoy all the best things about your favorite steaks while you easily improve your health. Grass fed beef is significantly lower in fat content and calories than grain fed beef. The natural diet also leads to a higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have become increasingly important in medical research and treatment. Omega-3s or “good fats” help maintain low blood pressure and regular heartbeat, help prevent suffering from mental ailments like depression or Alzheimer's disease, slow cancer-related weight loss, and help hasten surgery recovery time. The other most important “good fat” in La Cense Beef is conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. CLA has been proven to reduce cancer and cardiovascular disease risk, delay the onset of diabetes and reduce body fat.

Two other major personal health benefits of choosing grass fed beef are the high concentrations of important vitamins and antioxidants. Over its grain fed counterpart, grass fed beef has up to four times more Vitamin E and a significantly higher concentration of the beta-carotene antioxidant. Vitamin E’s links to reducing heart disease and cancer and significant anti-aging properties have made it an important asset in comprehensive healthy living. Beta-carotene is one of the best dietary sources for Vitamin A. This antioxidant has been linked to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer and preventing eye disorders and skin problems. Feel better and look better – all thanks to our Montana steaks!

The next important reason to choose grass fed beef involves humane cattle treatment. The recently passed USDA grass fed beef standard is a set of rules for beef producers to follow to maintain cattle health and provide humane treatment. The standard calls for the use of no toxic hormones, antibiotics or pesticides and stipulates that the cattle be fed entirely a grass and forage-based diet. Under the standard, cattle enjoy constant access to their natural diets, humane treatment and lower stress and anxiety levels. The standard’s focus on sustaining healthy cattle ensures the constant production of high quality beef. In 2009, La Cense Beef became the first USDA certified grass fed beef producer. Finally, choosing grass fed beef is a simple way to help the environment. Our cattle feed continuously on the tall grasses at the La Cense Montana ranch, which preserves the ranch’s natural biodiversity, decreases soil erosion, improves the soil fertility and eliminates the waste management issues that are typically associated with animal feedlots. Our grass fed beef operation also requires less fossil fuels than an industrial feedlot’s feed transport and general operation.

To learn more about why grass fed is the best beef for you, for the animals and for the land, visit La Cense Beef’s “Why Grass Fed?” page. Browse our online catalog to purchase your gourmet Montana beef online today.

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