La Cense Beef Montana Ranch

La Cense Ranch, Dillon, Montana

La Cense Montana is an 88,000-acre ranch in Dillon, Montana that produces, sells and delivers La Cense Beef directly to your door. What’s so great about our 100% grass fed Montana beef?

La Cense Beef provides high quality grass fed beef with exceptional nutritional value that benefits you, the animals and the land. Each health benefit comes from the singular fact that grass fed cattle enjoy continuous access to their natural diet. In contrast, grain fed cattle are fed a diet of hard-to-digest grains and a small but substantial percentage of “by product foodstuffs”, which can include everything from candy to sterilized garbage. This unnatural and unhealthy diet forces beef producers to use a host of antibiotics and nutritional supplements to maintain cattle health. The natural diet provides for happier and healthier cattle, better quality beef and a fully self-sustained ranch environment.

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