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Organic Beef

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Organic beef is strictly regulated by the USDA to ensure it doesn't have any chemicals, hormones, or other artificial components. While all of La Cense Beef's cattle is 100 percent all natural, you won't see a USDA organic label because in our commitment to treat our animals compassionately, we will occasionally use parasite control products to prevent lice and worms if the need arises. This occasional practice prohibits us from becoming organic certified. The beef itself is of course processed at a USDA-certified facility and aged for 19 days to lock in the rich, juicy flavor.

Additionally, our Montana Ranch is the first grass fed program to be approved under the new USDA Grass Fed Standard! Our certification is obtained through a third party, Verified Beef, which is a USDA Process Verified Program. The claims being verified at the ranch are: Source verified, age verified, Non HormoneTreated Cattle (NHTC), Never Ever 3 (NE3) no antibiotics, no animal by-products or growth promotants. And of course, always grass fed.

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La Cense Beef, a Healthy and Natural Beef Choice

La Cense's grass fed cattle also reduce the risk of BSE, or mad cow disease, because they are not fed with grain. Grain sometimes contains animal byproducts that can transmit mad cow disease. La Cense takes additional precautions by processing cattle at an age of 18 months or younger. BSE is known to incubate for at least three years. During processing, the beef is prepared by experienced butchers instead of mechanical stripping machines.

Like organic beef, La Cense Grass Fed Beef keeps you and your family safe from the chemicals and growth hormones that many grain fed cattle are exposed to. The La Cense herds don't even come into contact with other cattle, so you can be assured that your gourmet beef will be of Superior Quality, Safe-and also Delicious!


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