100% Grass Fed - La Cense Beef
Our 100% grass fed beef comes directly from our ranch to you. And we are committed to a more natural and compassionate approach to ranching. We do the ranching, the selling and the packing – which is how we can ensure its quality and guarantee your satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on producing a pure, healthy, sustainable product that will grace your table and satisfy your hunger for real beef. La Cense Beef is the best beef that nature has to offer. So give us a try and Save $25 off any purchase of $125 or more. We know you’ll taste the difference! ENJOY!
3 reasons to choose GRASS FED BEEF
Our 100% grass fed beef is more than delicious. It’s a healthy alternative to grain fed beef, lower in fat and calories, and also higher in body beneficial Omega-3s and Beta-Carotene.
La Cense Black Angus cattle graze in open pastures on our Montana ranch. Our humane treatment results in better overall animal health, eliminating any need for antibiotics, hormones or other drugs.
Sustainable ranching techniques at our ranch help keep the cattle, air, land and water healthy, and can actually lower our carbon footprint.

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