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Purchase Meat Online

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In the world of artisanal meats, the highest quality is only available when you purchase meat online. The grass fed beef from La Cense is some of the most tender and savory meat on the market, thanks to the fresh farmland farm on which the cattle are raised. La Cense steaks are bursting with flavor, the equivalent of what you'd be served in a Michelin-rated restaurant.

Online ordering is simple. With just a few clicks, you can purchase quality meat that surpasses any cuts you'd find in your local supermarket. From Filet Mignon to ground beef Steakburgers, La Cense offers rich-tasting and juicy beef that is free of hormones and chemicals. Delivered straight to your home, La Cense grass fed beef is the perfect choice for special meals, parties or an intimate tête a tête.

Purchase Meat Online and Prepare It

With the variety available online, you have the freedom to try a cut of beef that you've never had before. If you aren't sure how to best prepare your meat, how about some help from the Head Chef and owner of the Savoy in New York? La Cense offers special recipes from Peter Hoffman that you won't find anywhere else, including London Broil Roast with Brussels Sprouts and Blue Cheese.

Purchase top-quality meat online to save time and money on the best cuts of beef available in the nation. La Cense offers preparation instructions online as well as recipes, so you don't have to worry about how to serve up your splurge. All natural grass fed beef can make your next meal better, and it's all available online.


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