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Bavette Steaks -- WONDERFUL! These are similar to flank steak, but more tender. I tried mine two ways: 1) soaked in a bourbon marinade, then grilled; and 2) just seasoned with a little salt and pepper and broiled. Both ways turned out great! Super flavor, and fork tender when sliced across the grain. Will absolutely purchase again and again! I'm more than willing to pay a premium for beef this good. Everything I've gotten from LaCense has been super.
- Lana, Bellingham, WA

I made the steakburgers for dinner last night, and they were fabulous! I think it was the best burger I've ever had. My daughter kept closing her eyes and savoring every bite, it was a riot (she is 7). I will most definitely be ordering more very soon! It is so nice to have your beef available for delivery in our area... I'm always searching for grass fed beef that I can trust and that is delicious, and it's hard to find! Thanks so much.
Traci J.

I just enjoyed your Cowboy Steak, the best-tasting and most tender steak I have ever had in my life!...It was perfect.
Jim G.

Absolutely the best beef I have ever eaten! Had grilled bone-in strip last night, and it was so flavorful, and melt in your mouth tender! I will be buying more very soon!
Karen B., Celebration, FL

...I tried a few companies on line but they were just over priced selling the same thing I could get in the grocery store. I was reluctant to try La Cense beef because of that experience. My son was wounded serving in the Marine Corps and I try to buy him only the best. I was so tired of hit and miss and lack of flavor so I gave this a try. I am so glad I did. It was just like what I always served before and the taste and texture is so amazing it is difficult to fully describe it...La Cense made me feel that my spending and satisfaction mattered to them. I have been ordering regularly now and I am a loyal customer. Even if you can only order this once a month it is so worth it. We work hard for our money and it does not go a long way, but it does with this beef.
Christine C.

These flatiron steaks are my absolute FAVORITE La Cense beef steaks. Super flavor, nice size, they're reminiscent of the steaks I enjoyed growing up in Kansas City, MO. They grill up tasty and tender every time. I plan to keep these on hand in my freezer always -- they're that good!
Lana M.

Happy New Year from Pennsylvania! Around here, folks ring in the New Year with a pork roast and sauerkraut. We decided to make our LaCense beef pot roast that we received as a gift for New Year's instead. I roasted it for 4 hours and couldn't wait to try it yesterday afternoon. It was so tender and delicious. Everyone loved it. Thank goodness we had leftovers so today we sliced up the beef for steak sandwiches-- So good! We will definitely order again. Thank you.
Laura A.

…the steaks were tender, juicy and delicious! I just wanted you to know that my husband and I were very happy with the quality of your steaks. I gave my catalog to my mother-in-law and brother-in-law who are very interested in trying your beef. Of course, nothing beats food provided by grass fed animals and while it is a bit more expensive than your standard fare, we believe it is well worth the benefits to our health. We rather spend the money now on good food than have to give it to doctors and hospitals down the road! Thanks, again, for a terrific product!
Mary C O.

Ok, I just have to say that I had two of your steaks from my order last night and they were literally the best steaks I have ever had ever! I am pretty well known in the fitness industry where this type of food is right up our ally. I will be posting on Musculardevelopment.com and letting everyone know where they can order these amazing grass fed steaks. I am impressed and that doesnt happen often with food.
Justin T.

Just a note to let you know we received our La Cense Beef and hot dogs. Everything was beautifully packaged and correctly sent. We appreciate the wonderful quality of your products and the great customer care.
Barbara and Walter K

It was so exciting to arrive home and find the enormous white box full of grass fed beef, still very frozen in August in the south, no less. Every order you send us is first rate quality, arrives in perfect condition and could not be more delicious. Thank you so much for offering your customers this opportunity to eat healthy beef that is so good for us.
Judy C

I just had to take a moment to tell you how much we love your products! Our family has made the switch to an all-natural, organic diet, and your beef is a big part of that. The taste is amazing, and I love knowing that I can feel great about serving it to my family.
Jana P

Thank you for your great customer service and perfectly packed products. I placed a large order and it arrived today frozen solid and fresh. I can't wait to try the beef, but my husband is looking forward to the nitrate free hot dogs!
Cindy W

I just had to let you know how much my son and I enjoyed the Steakburgers we ordered. My son is 14 years old and doesn’t stop to taste (or chew) food these days. I served him the steakburger on a bun and after one bite he stopped and noticed he was eating something special and delicious. He threw the bun away so he could eat the meat and enjoy the taste. I just wanted you to know much we enjoyed your product. "
Susan A

Not long ago, I ordered 2 london broils and 3 steaks from you; we just grilled and ate one of the london broils--it was amazing!! Flavorful, with a wonderful texture, tender, and absolutely delicious: I'm sold--no more store bought beef for this midwesterner. I am willing to eat beef less often and pay a bit more in order to get humanely treated beef. Thank you so much--I heard about you through your ad in Cooking Light--keep it up and you will have a country of converts. - Judy C

Have just received my order and hats off to the packing dept as it came very well packed and frozen solid. Want to thank you for the prompt delivery after my order was filled. Can't wait to start digging into the various products. Your service is impeccable and I would recommend you to anyone who wants to deal with a class company. Yours Truly,"
Tom H

I received a gift card for use online with a number of companies. I chose yours because I was interested in experiencing grass fed beef. My wife and I absolutely enjoyed your filets. The flavor and experience were just beyond words to describe. The quality and experience is worth it. Nuff said. Best regards,"
Hugh M

Good morning - I sent a package of your beef to my father as a retirement gift. He tells me that it came nicely packaged and with very impressive, detailed information about the quality, history, and health of the animals on your ranch. He especially enjoyed reading that information and I was pleased that it was included. It helped make for a gift that was "more than just meat."
Elise W


These petite sirloin steaks are perfect for my family. They are juicy and tender and require very little prep time. Whether on the stove or on the grill, these quick cooking steaks are delicious!
Lesa B


Dear La Cense Beef,
All I can say is WOW! What a difference this beef tasted... fresher, lighter and better. To me like it should taste. I am SOLD. From the beef franks to the Delmonico, petite sirloin and New York strip..all were great. If I could tell anyone else to give it a try....it is 100% fact you will love it. That’s from Texan who knows beef! Thank you. I'll be back!
- Dean F, College Station, Texas


I just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our first shipment of filet mignon so much and have just placed another order! We have been grilling and eating steak for many, many years, and these are the best steaks we have ever grilled - so tender, juicy, and full of flavor! I would say they are addictive!! - Sharon N


Dear La Cense,
Thank you for having recipes on your website. I don't really eat beef but I've ordered various packages from you as gifts for my husband. When I think "what's for dinner?" I pull a steak out of the freezer and visit the website for recipes. Tonight I cooked a Delmonico steak. I didn't even know what that was before! I had to sample this premium cut and it was so, so good! - Celeste P


Dear Sir, Thank you so very much for giving the customer a choice in what we want on our table and in our stomachs! I am thrilled to find your website and my hubby and I will promise to be very good customers. - Lisa M


My order was received today and based upon the way it was packed, it would have stayed another four days. The dry ice was basically intact and the meats frozen solid. I very much appreciate your attention to customer service. - Larry Z


THANK YOU!!! You guys rock! :-)

We received the 8 steak burgers today... packed so nicely. I can't thank you enough for your excellent products and great customer service. You've won a loyal customer! - Deborah O


Thank you for so much! The order arrived this afternoon as fresh and hard as it left Montana. We will enjoy it and greatly appreciate your kindness. - Cyndy C


I just wanted to thank everyone at La Cense for producing such great, healthy and tasty beef. We recently received a large shipment and everything has been delicious - the steak burgers in particular are wonderful. Keep up the good work!
- Daniel G


Hi, Just wanted to say i think your web site is great. It's very informational, as well as easy to read. I have raised grass fed beef (one steer at a time) for years on my small farm so I know what you say (about Grass fed being better for everyone) is true. But not everyone is lucky enough to have land to raise their own beef, so the world needs more ranchers like you! Best wishes for continued success. - Barbara C


Thus far we have eaten burgers and a rump roast from this order and we are THRILLED! We have tasted grass feed beef for the first time and we are completely satisfied. You have a new customer. - Catherine T


My order came today and is perfect. It was still very very frozen even with this Texas heat we have been having. Thank you so much, I can't wait to taste it!!

Fellow Montanan still at heart. - Vicki H


Thank you for being so prompt with your gift certificate, it came just in time and the bride was thrilled at receiving your certificate with her gourmet steak knives. - Bonnie S


I just had to write to tell you that we tried La Cense beef for the first time and it is absolutely wonderful! My husband said the flavor of your ground beef is like that of a fine steak. We also appreciate your friendly and effective staff when we have spoken on the phone. We will certainly be buying all our beef from you from now on. Thank you.
- Cathy M


Dear La Cense,

Last week I ordered your steakburgers. I received them on Friday and grilled a couple tonight (Sunday). They were fabulous. I am so thrilled to find beef that is humanely treated. And the health benefit is an added extra.

Keep up the good work. - Jayne C


I can't wait to taste La Cense Beef steaks again. I've been finishing up the last steak from Kansas City Steak Company...Did my best with a cupboard full of seasonings but nothing doing with the dryness from them. In comparison to La Cense, it was no contest. Your steaks are sooo tender and juicy with a deep robust beef Flavor. - David T


Dear La Cense,

Received my order the other day and grilled some burgers and they were the best. The next night my wife fixed a couple of steaks in the oven...and I could not believe how good they were. I wished I had another one. No more beef from the stores for me...Thank you
- Cart T

We believe in the great quality of your meat, and are looking forward to receiving the wonderful, lean pot roasts we know you produce. We grind these lean roasts into our own style or burger, and we appreciate the fact there is no grizzle and limited fat.....it is by far the best quality meat we have ever purchased, and we were extremely happy from the start. Keep up the good work....it is refreshing to know that we can feed our family such a naturally based product.
Arthur G

First off, I'm a "Texas Girl", and Texans don't play around when it comes to beef!! But, having relocated and now living in Vegas, La Cense Beef is the closest meat I've found to what I grew up on, and believe me, no city grocers chain has anything remotely close!!!

If you’re looking for the "real deal", this is it!!! Have never, even in Texas, had a ground beef patty put just as much juice on my plate as your ground steak burger did. It left so much juice on my plate that you'd think I'd just eaten a large steak!! No Lie!!!!!!

I also ate La Cense hot dogs for the first time a couple weeks ago, and I was absolutely shocked at what a difference in texture alone your hot dogs have compared to all the others I've eaten. With your hot dogs you can absolutely tell with your first bite that you are eating actual meat instead of whatever mushy stuff makes up other hot dogs, and for those of you who don't understand what I'm saying, you will after you eat one of these hot dogs. And, unlike most hot dogs, eating just one from La Cense Beef is totally filling. One is enough!!!


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